Franklin Vintage
Franklin Vintage
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Franklins Types and Series

The following information provided by Roy Canfield.

Type A Roadster1902
Type A1903
Types A, B, C1904
Types A, B, C, D, E, F1905
Types D, E, G, H1906
Types D, G, H (and truck)1907
Types D, G, H (and truck)1908
Models D, G, H, J, K, L1909
Models D, G, H, K, L1910
Models D, G, H, K, L, M1911
Series 1, Models D, G, H, L, M1912
Series 2, Models D, G, H, K, M, O1912
Series 3, Models D, G, H, M1913
Series 4, Models M (6-30)1914
Series 5, Model M (6-30)1914
Series 6, Model M (6-30)1914
Series 7, Model M (6-30)1915
Series 8, Model M (6-30)1915
Series 8, Model M (6-30)1916
Series 9-A1916
Series 9-A1917
Series 9-A1918
Series 9-B1918
Series 9-B1919
Series 9-B1920
Series 9-B1921
Series 9-B1922
Series 10-A1922
Series 10-B1922
Series 10-B1923
Series 10-B1924
Series 10-C1924
Series 10-C1925
Series 11-A1925
Series 11-A1926
Series 11-B1927
Series 12-A, Airman, Model 12-5 and 12-71928
Series 12-B, Airman Limited, Model 12-5 and 12-71928
Series 13, Airman, Model 130, 135 and 1371929
Series 14, Airman, Model 145 and 1471930
Series 15, Airman, Model 151 Transcontinent, 152 Transcontinent and 153 DeLuxe1931
Series 16-A, Model 163 Airman1932
Series 17-A, Model 173 Twelve1932
Series 18-A, Model 183 Olympic1933
Series 16-B, Model 164 Airmen1933
Series 17-B, Model 174 Twelve1933
Series 18-B, Model 184 Olympic1933
Series 19-A, Model 193 Airman1934
Series 17-B, Model 174 Twelve1934
Series 18-C, Model 185 Olympic1934
Series 19-B, Model 194 Airman1934