August 1, 2000

Your WebMaster would like to thank Ian Webb (not a Franklin Club member, but brother of Lee Webb) Mike Knips and Arny Barer for all the following pictures.

Kahler's Glen Country Club lunch

Tom and Carol Kidd sleeping at the Westrek, we guess they were over worked?

Stevens Pass rest stop

Arny Barer's 1929 130 Mascot paws and growls "Aura Vincet" to Don and Carole Reddaway's 1930 Dietrich Speedster

"This is whee they could put a radiator" but Chet is saying "NO WAY"

"Oatey's 1922, Doug and Pauls Zimmerman's 1910 Model D

Doug and Pauls Zimmerman's 1910 Model D

Alan Barer with Arny Barer's 1929 130 Convertible Coupe

Harold and Dianna Royce's 1929 130 Convertible Coupe

H. H. Franklin Club President Susan Roberts and Arny Barer

Zimmerman's 1910 Model D

Franklin Club President Susan Robertsand Alan Barer

Stevens Pass rest stop Dave and Teddie Oatey's 1922 Cloverleaf Roadster in forground

Beautiful line up of Franklins

Looks like Mike Knips is looking for his Franklin

Parked up Icile Canyon just outside Leavenworth. Yes, and Mike is still looking for his Franklin where did I park it

Also just outside Leavenworth, Icicle Canyon

Lined up on the main street of Leavenworth one morning when the street was closed for the Westrek.
The next fourpictures taken at the same place.

In the corral at a farm for lunch

Parked along the Columbia River

The following pictures were supplied by Mike Knips

Two days after 110 degrees in my backyard. Much better at 8511 feet.

The north side of Mt Lassen leaving the park.

A good part of the town of Shaniko, pop. 24. There is a "car collection" in a barn just to the right.

Jeff Hasslen's 1932 16A Club Sedan and Herb Martin's 1932 16A Victoria.

A few well fed WESTREK'ers

A stop on the way home, then and now. Wolf Creek Tavern was built in 1857, kind of old for out this way.
The sign is not the same one as in the older photo though. It went through several variations that are on
postcards I have. Above and below

Herb Martin's 1932 16B Victoria

Tom Kidd's roadster out West.

Clint Scott's 1928 Convertable Coupe.