Reporters: Chet and Marlene Zimmerman

Westrek 30 is now history! For the 30th time Franklin enthusiasts from nine states and Australia gathered in Paso Robles, CA to enjoy four days of touring, fellowship and much good food. Hosts Ron & Paula Topley put together an outstanding program and the weather cooperated. We toured over the hills to the Pacific ocean side town of Cambria, visited two historic Spanish Missions and several other interesting local attractions. Twenty six Franklins ranging in vintage from 1910 to 1934 completed the 260 miles of touring with no major and very few minor problems. In addition to the 26, the Topleys displayed their Mascot "Old Rusty", a 1934 sedan in need of much TLC. About 90 people were in attendance. A more detailed report will appear in a forthcoming ACN.

Pictures from the 30th Westrek by: Robert Fontana

This is a picture in front of the Hacienda restaurant near Mission San Antonio.
Robert Fontana's 1928 12B Sedan

This is a picture in front of Mission San Miguel

Chet and Marlene Zimmerman's 1929 137 Sport Runabout and Robert Fontana's 1928 12B Sedan

Rest stop on the first day tour to Cambia.

Following photos courtesy of Mike Knips and Bill Gewand

Harold and Dianna Royse's 1929 130 Convertible Coupe at the Pacific coast in Cambria

1931 151 Convertible Coupe of Ron and Helen Bartlett made its debut at this Westrek

This was the first appearance at a Westrek for Jim and Linda Crippen's 1934 19A Sedan

Mission San Antonio forms the backdrop for the 1933 16A Victoria Brougham recently acquired by Mike Knips.

Chet and Marlene Zimmerman's 1931 153 Dietrich Speedster at the San Miguel Mission. The car was driven by their guests, Bob Lawrence and Kathy Plumley-Smith of Tasmania, Australia