2021 Air Cooled Meet

At the Gilmore Car Museum Grounds, Hickory Corners, MI
Photos: Roger Moffat

aircooled photoKids in a Caron a Rainy Day

aircooled photoGus Alai's 1929 Speedster

aircooled photoPushing the 1909 Model D Franklin out for the Air-Cooled Gathering

aircooled photoRoger brings the FACHC 1928 12B out to the Air-Cooled Gathering

aircooled photoRandy Fusco's Coupe

aircooled photoSandy Bennett's Car

aircooled photoThe 1928 FACHC Sport Touring

aircooled photoBill Woodcock's 1925

aircooled photohil Weisenbarger and Dick Roth

aircooled photoGary Ohnstad's Car

aircooled photoThe Metro 1906 Model G

aircooled photoThe Hasslen 1907 Model G

aircooled photoA Volkswagen?

aircooled photoBouvard in a familiar position administering to the carburettor on the 1909 Model D

aircooled photoEileen and Betty Bennett sitting in their car out of the rain

aircooled photoA light shower brought the covers out

aircooled photoGus Alai's 1929 Speedster with a Porsche, 2 Franklins and 6 Corvairs

aircooled photoBouvard stops for a refreshment break

Bob Metro cruises past the '09' with a load of museum visitors

Zoom Zoom - the Gendarmerie are chasing you...
Phil and Pam Drive Off