2020 Air Cooled Meet

At the Gilmore Car Museum Grounds, Hickory Corners, MI
Photos: Roger Moffat

Aircooled Photo Gary Greenwood’s 1933 163 Sedan, with other Franklins behind - the Franklin Automobile Collection at Hickory Corners’ V12, Bob Cornman’s V12, Franklin Automobile Collection at Hickory Corners’ 10C Touring, Tom and Ann Kleinschmidt 9A Touring

Aircooled Photo The same lineup, but now with the addition of Mike and Katie McCarthy 10A V-window sedan also.

Aircooled Photo A visitor showed Roger this plate, wondering if he knew anything about it - maybe someone seeing this on the web might know…

Aircooled Photo Some Volkswagens

Aircooled Photo A Kharmann Ghia and some Volkswagens

Aircooled Photo Looking along the lineup the other way - Volkswagens, looking down towards the Franklins

Aircooled Photo The 2nd and 3rd rows - Volkswagens and Corvairs, and Porsches in the distance

Aircooled Photo 5 Porsches

Aircooled Photo A deux Chevaux - Citroen

Aircooled Photo A BMW Isetta and a Messerschmidt 300 - micro cars

Aircooled Photo
A wider view showing most of the cars present

Aircooled Photo The two V12 Franklin cars practicing safe car show etiquette while John Strawway’s Volkswagen looks on from a distance

Aircooled Photo The Franklin Automobile Collection at Hickory Corners V12 with its mask on

Aircooled Photo Bill Fields with his plane at Hastings airport - he flew up from Kentucky for the day.