2006 Midwest Region Spring meet

Rockford, Illinois

Host: Denine Anderson

with help from Dennie Milne

All pictures by Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson's 1931 Coupe and Bob Ericson's 1929 Sedan Thursday afternoon at Don and Carol Miline's

Bob Ericson's 1929 Series 13 Sedan

Inside Don's "Toy STore"

Al and Leanne Finkenbinder of Pontica, Ill far left is Nancy Nelson First Franklin meet Al owns a 1931 Club Sedan

Richard Harry's 1931 Series 153 Club Sedan and Bob Ericson's 1929 Series 130 Sedan
Friday morning in the parking lot of the LZ Peace Vietnam War Memorial

Line up of Franklins Friday morning in the parking lot of the LZ Peace Vietnam War Memorial

LZ Peace Memorial

LZ Peace Memorial

Right to left - 1931 Coupe Nelson, 1931 Club Sedan Harry, 1930 Sedan Rhoades and 1929 Sedan Erickson
Parking lot at Midway Village

Blacksmith's shop

Nancy Nelson in front of the class once again!

Lunch at the museum

1928 Stinson in the museum

LZ Peace Memorial

Line up of Franklins left to right, 1931, 1929, 1930 and 1931

Angel Museum

Burpee Museum in downtown Rockford, Illinois

Nancy Nelson in a dugout canoe

Jane, a juvenile T-Rex

A different dinosaur, not a T-Rex

A not so wooly mammoth

Sat. evening banquet

Louise Nelson's 100 birthday cake, not Louise's car but a similar 1922 S-9B sedan

Standing left to right - Roy, lee and Nancy seated is Louise Nelson on her 100th Birthday

Ladys of Franklin owners, they are the ones that keep us going!

Franklin members at the LZ Peace Memorial

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